NewBoCo and its code school DeltaV are considering expanding to Central Iowa

Cedar Rapids-based NewBoCo is considering expanding its code school—DeltaV Code School—to Central Iowa.

DeltaV Code School is a 20-week program that trains and retrains adults in Cedar Rapids to be software developers and serves as a minor leagues for organizations who hire software developers.

The informational meeting at 5 p.m. Thursday at Gravitate—317 6th Ave. Suite 102—is to gauge if there’s enough corporate interest to bring it to Central Iowa and support it.

Eric Engelmann, Executive Director of NewBoCo, said he hopes to talk with local employers, recruiters, potential students and instructors about how the program works and to get on-target with the Des Moines tech market.

“It’s a 20-week, straight end to end, full-time everyday, with a couple breaks in the middle, boot camp style, code school,” Engelmann says. “We wanted to practice it on our home turf first and then it makes a lot of sense to scale it, maybe state-wide eventually. But obviously the next market for us was Central Iowa.”

Engelmann said DeltaV Code School targets a mix of people from someone switching careers to someone already with a technical background looking to modernize their skill set or kids straight from high school.

“It’s going to be an interesting combination of people who are looking to rapidly get into the market with a very modern programming skill set,” Engelmann said. “It’s a really focused program and if it’s what you need it’s a good way to upscale really quickly.”

DeltaV Code School launched last December in Cedar Rapids with Seattle-based curriculum Code Fellows. Graduates won’t leave with a certificate or diploma but they will have a portfolio that demonstrates they have the skill set.

“And the sponsors are involved along the way and can see it progressing to get the pick of the litter at the end,” Engelmann said. “We’re pretty optimistic this will go.”

A second meeting is set for 5 p.m. on August 17th at the Valley Junction Gravitate at 318 5th St. in West Des Moines.

The program could start as soon as this fall.