Splash starts the conversation by providing a thought platform mobile app

To cut through the clutter and content on social media a Des Moines native developed the idea for a mobile app, “Splash” to be a thought platform that gets people talking.

“See if we can’t keep people online and discussing some of these major issues in our country today,” Splash Founder Mas Panor explained. “We want to have debates and closure to debates. I’m just seeing grumbling.”

Most similar to Reddit, Panor explains that Splash allows users to distinguish themselves in a particular field of interest whether that’s art, entertainment, sports, science, business or news.

Each topic is a different color, so it’s easier for users to filter and find each other.

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If a user finds a discussion board they want to join, they jump in that, “pool.”

Eventually Panor says using location services a user can open Splash in any city, search for musicians in that city, find groups and eventually meet those groups.

Over 200 users have signed up since the launch two months ago.

Panor says his idea behind starting Splash was to target artists and help them find communities where they can do what they do best.

“I wanted to collectivize artists, get more films, music, books,” Panor says. “All these people who are talented and creative, they are getting squashed because they aren’t valued. This was to collectivize artists.”

Panor said if a user asks a specific question in the app, the app will provide a list of all the users who have asked the same or a similar question. Then the user can either join an already established, “pool” or create their own.

“Trying to get these debates mediated between sides and have some sort of a solution,” Panor says. “So we don’t just endlessly bicker.”

Panor is working on further developing the Splash website and hopes to be able to use music from Spotify to better match users.

“We figured in todays world to do mobile first before website but being what we are we need the full web presence,” Panor says.