Middle Bit: Drake University students name their top social media sites

Drake University Each semester communication students at Drake University are surveyed by Professor Chris Snider and name their favorite social media platforms.

As the second week of classes began at Drake University, communications professor Chris Snider held his customary discussion with students about how they use social media.

He reported the results in a blog post on Monday, revealing that Snapchat and Instagram remain the social networks of choice among college students.

The least favorite social media sites were Reddit and Tinder.

Snider says that Finsta accounts (Fake Instagram accounts) are on the rise because students use this second account to post more frequently and show a less perfect version of their lives, compared to their regular Instagram account.

“My students estimated that less than half of college students their age have a “Finsta” account, but they still see it as a trend,” Snider writes.

Snider also wrote that VSCO—the photography and social app—is gaining steam lately because as students’ parents join Instagram, they need a different outlet.

“Students feel they can be themselves on Finsta and Snapchat (and to some degree on Instagram Stories), but they have to put forth the best image on Instagram posts,” Snider says.

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