Rocket Referrals: helping businesses build loyal customer relationships

In business, maintaining good relationships means everything. That may sound simple enough, but it can be challenging and time-consuming to shape and nurture relationships while also growing a business.

That’s where Rocket Referrals comes in.

Rocket Referrals is a company that helps improve your company’s referrals, retention, reviews and relationships.

“The whole idea behind Rocket Referrals is to help companies get the most out of their current customers,” said Torey Maerz, CEO and co-founder of Rocket Referrals. “We want to get them to buy more, stay longer and refer their friends.”

Rocket Referrals is able to do that by using an automated personal communication platform.

“The best part from a customer’s perspective is all they need to do is set up a data feed of their information to us, flip a few switches and everything is already prebuilt and ready to go,” said Maerz. “They don’t have any lengthy configuration or setup or building campaigns or anything like that. We’ve written the copy. We’ve created all the campaigns for them.”

Growing outside of insurance

Rocket Referrals has worked primarily with insurance carriers and agencies.

“They’re the people who really need our product the most right now,” said Maerz. “Insurance agents are looking for a way to communicate with their customers in a personal way.”

But other industries are starting to discover the value Rocket Referrals brings.

“There are hundreds of different types of businesses that could use Rocket Referrals, Maerz said. “Insurance is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Defining success differently

Rocket Referrals is seeing 150-200% growth year over year, according to Maerz.

“We’re growing significantly which is great. But we’re growing in many ways that are a lot more important than numbers,” Maerz said. “For us, success isn’t about revenue or customer numbers. It’s really about the success of our team. And the more people we bring on the more apparent it becomes that it’s all about our employees.”

Maerz credits Rocket Referrals success to having a small staff and still being able to provide the support that they do.

“We have such an amazing group of people,” Maerz said. And to me, that’s the most exciting thing about Rocket Referrals. We’re like a family”