Flyover Tech Fest will shine a light on non-coastal tech companies

A new online summit focused on non-coastal tech companies is coming this fall. The FlyOver Tech Fest will showcase stories from Midwest entrepreneurs on topics ranging from fundraising to hiring to scaling businesses.

“We really just wanted to shine a light on the companies doing cool stuff in no-coast country and didn’t feel like there was a lot of dedicated opportunity to do that,” said Nathan Joens, founder of Structurely and organizer of the event. “Hopefully this can be a good launching point for others to share their successes and failures and how to grow a company the right way.”

Fundraising and hiring will be the two main topics at the event, Joens told Clay & Milk. Other topics will include tech, sales, and marketing.

“Our motto is ‘doing more with less,’ said Joens. “I think that’s the theme for a lot of no-coast companies. Usually, they raise less money. They often have smaller teams and are more focused on profitability and growing sustainability. And I think that’s encompassed in the ‘do more with less’ mindset.”

Four speaker sessions have been scheduled for the event so far. Ben Milne, Founder of Dwolla, will deliver the keynote. Other speakers include Jonathan Ellis of Sandalphon Capital, Mike Gozzo of ZenDesk, and Sarah Hill of Healium.

Joens says that there will be many more speakers announced in the coming weeks and that he expects the event to have around 20 speakers in total.

Joens says he hopes to hold the event annually and would like to make it an in-person event going forward. This year’s FlyOver Tech Fest will take place on Oct. 1. Tickets for the event are free.