About us

Since 2016, Clay & Milk has been covering and connecting the Iowa entrepreneurial ecosystem, producing stories about the entrepreneurs, artists, startups, makers and trends that are the shaping the present and future of the state’s economy.

New and innovative endeavors happen every day throughout Iowa and too often they fly under the radar.

Clay & Milk’s mission, then, is to bring these ventures to light.

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What’s with the name?

In order to build something you first have to form it (Clay) and then help it grow (Milk).

This applies to our venture, how you nurture a community, and the entrepreneurs, artists and others in the middle trying to build something.


We’re a startup that covers startups. We also cover investors and we have our own financial backers.

Clay & Milk was founded as an independent entity by three individuals in 2016 and as of 2018 is now wholly owned and under the corporate structure of Gravitate Coworking.

Gravitate Coworking makes money by supporting the creative class and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Iowa.

It’s easy to see how this arrangement can result in conflicts of interest. This means we need to be transparent and that’s a goal we put in high regard.

To the extent we can, we plan to disclose the involvement of any entity backing Clay & Milk, including in our content. Should stories arise involving Gravitate, our editorial team will judge them as they would any other story: based on merit.

In addition, we do not guarantee or promise to write about an individual or a company solely because they are a sponsor or back us financially.