About us

Clay & Milk was built to tell great stories about and from the middle, the land in between the East and West Coast.

For a community to grow, whether it’s a city like Des Moines or a group of entrepreneurs, it needs information. It needs news.

Our stories will focus on the people creating things — new companies, new products, new art — in the middle. We’ll also write about policy and a range of issues that affect these communities.

If you have a story to tell, or want to be a part of ours, send us a note.

What’s with the name?

In order to build something you first have to form it (Clay) and then help it grow (Milk).

This applies to our venture, how you nurture a community, and the entrepreneurs, artists and others in the middle trying to build something.


We’re a startup that covers startups. We also cover investors, and we have our own financial backers.

Two of our founders run other companies: one that makes money by supporting entrepreneurs (Gravitate) and the other that is a well-known Iowa startup (Dwolla). Both of these founders will occasionally contribute to Clay & Milk.

It’s easy to see how this arrangement can result in conflicts of interest. This means we need to be transparent and that’s a goal we put in high regard.

To the extent we can, we plan to disclose the involvement of any entity backing Clay & Milk, including in our content. Should stories arise involving Gravitate or Dwolla, our editorial team will judge them as they would any other story: based on merit.

In addition, we do not guarantee or promise to write about an individual or a company solely because they are a sponsor or back us financially.