We are here to serve the middle

Clay & Milk was founded to serve the middle. To create and deliver stories that may otherwise never be told.

We will aim to create and maintain, to elevate and amplify, the stories that begin here, in the middle. We’ll start with Iowa.

Every day we watch entrepreneurs and artists generate, build and nurture amazing ideas between the East and West Coast.

We know this because we hear them. We see them. We know them.

Some might say no-coast. Others might say flyover country. We think of it as the middle.

As creative communities all around the country have grown, local news coverage has not kept pace. It doesn’t mean there isn’t amazing work being done. It doesn’t mean there is no news coverage.

It does mean the time to step up and create another forum to amplify this work is now.

Local and regional online publications have emerged to help broadcast companies so discovery is easier at a national level. Tech.MN, Startland News, Tech.co and Silicon Prairie News are just a few examples.

There are more stories to tell, however.

We will begin publishing in early January. Clay & Milk will focus mostly on content related to Technology, Entrepreneurship and Policy.

If you have story ideas or other ways you’d like to support this effort, please tip us and we’ll get back to you.

We hope you enjoy it.

Matt, Geoff & Ben.