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Hiring in Iowa can be hard—our workforce is known for its renowned work ethic, variety of experience and quality education. However, our talent pools aren’t as deep as we’d like them to be and our unemployment rate is so low that nearly everyone has a job.

Great early stage companies are building here and daily, established companies are bringing jobs to the state all the time. We want to help both be successful in their recruiting efforts.

For that reason, we’ve created the Clay & Milk Job Board to help connect our community with all innovation-led companies hiring in Iowa. As the only publication writing about the technology, entrepreneurial and creative communities in Iowa on a daily basis, we’re in a great place to share your exciting job with the people who can fill it.

Individual 30-day posts are available for $100/job and unlimited posting packages are available starting at $500/month.

Email for more information or submit a post below if you’re ready to go. By submitting a post through this form, you agree to pay Clay & Milk for your use of the service.