We want your commentary and opinions

We’ve had some commentary and opinions pieces since we launched in January. But, we want more and the more voices, the better.

Have an opinion on a policy or startup issue? Disagree with or have a response to a prior piece of commentary? Have advice for the region’s entrepreneurs? Want to discuss the state of the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Send our managing editor a note with your idea, or with a written piece, at mpatane@clayandmilk.com. He’ll take questions, too.

Some ground rules, though:

  • We don’t want self-promotion for promotions sake. Personal experience to convey a point is welcome, but don’t advertise yourself or your business.
  • This isn’t an Internet comments section. Please keep submissions civil.
  • Edits for style, grammar and length may be made, but they won’t be used to change a presented opinion.