Thank you to our SEED Partners

Clay & Milk is an independent news publication supported by our partners. Without partners, our site doesn’t exist. We wouldn’t be able to tell stories from and about “The Middle.”

We’re grateful for our SEED partners who have helped get Clay & Milk off the ground. They are all Midwest-focused organizations working to grow the region.

Iowa Economic Development

A special thank you to Debi Durham for her leadership and support of our publication. The Iowa Economic Development Authority was an anchor partner for us.

We Write Code

Levi Rosol and his team at We Write Code also deserve a big thank you. They have been a standout supporter of our work and we’re excited for what the future will bring together.

Special mentions go to The Iowa Venture Capital Association and Next Level Ventures for not only investing in the future of Midwest tech innovation, but helping to tell its stories.

We won’t make a habit of announcing each new partner as they come along, but this group certainly deserves recognition.

We also want to thank our audience and readers since we’ve launched for providing feedback, story ideas and engaging with our stories.

Thank you for supporting the stories of those from “the Middle” focused on building companies and ideas here.

Each new partner that comes online gives our small organization more resources to tell more stories and branch out into other parts of the Midwest.

Our partners are proudly displayed on our website here.