Congratulations to Matt Patane

We’re excited to share that our friend Matt Patane—the founding editor of Clay & Milk—is moving on to a new role at the Cedar Rapids Gazette. We’re happy for Matt and glad that he has this opportunity to continue to grow in his career.

We founded Clay & Milk to make sure that the story of the Iowa entrepreneurial community continues to be told and the more places it gets told, the better. Having a reporter with Matt’s skill, experience and connections amongst the startup community at the business desk of one of our state’s largest publications certainly helps that goal.

The need for Clay & Milk continues on, however, and that means we’re hiring a new managing editor. Ben and I are dedicated to seeing the publication forward. We’ve made arrangement with an interim editor to ensure we don’t have a pause in content.

We’re looking for a true “entrepreneurial journalist” to join our team—someone whose interests include building and leading a nascent publication as well as covering stories from across the innovation community.

For details, see Now Hiring: Managing Editor/ Entrepreneurial Journalist

If that sounds interesting we’d love to talk to you.

In this role, your ambition to work amongst and impact the community is paramount. A desire to use and experience the products and services of the companies and ideas you report on, will serve you well.

Have someone that fits that idea? Email me at

Geoff Wood is a co-founder of Clay & Milk and the founder of Gravitate, a coworking and community building organization in Des Moines.