Drawn to startups: the work of Nathan T. Wright

Inspired by storytelling through imagery, we asked Nathan T. Wright to tackle our Q&A with illustration. We’re hopeful to see more of his work regularly at Clay & Milk in the weeks to come. Until then, his answers to our questions, below. And his bio beyond that.

C&M: For those who don’t know you, please draw what you look like.
Nathan T. Wright: It me.

C&M: What did you want to be when you grew up?
NTW: Astronaut.

C&M: What does your pet look like?
NTW: This is Arlo the Corgi. He’s 14 years old and a very good boy.

C&M: What is your favorite article of clothing?
NTW: Jeans.

C&M: Who is your hero?
NTW: Optimus Prime.

C&M: What does your home look like?
NTW: This is my Beaverdale home.

C&M: What was the last book you read?
Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.

C&M: What Netflix show do you binge watch?
Mystery Science Theater 3000.

C&M: What will you never forget?
Watching a space shuttle launch.

C&M: What was your first illustration as a kid?
A lowercase letter “e” eating an eel that has arms and legs for some reason.

Nathan T. Wright is a freelance illustrator and artist based in Des Moines, Iowa, specializing in custom illustration projects, prints and books. His work is inspired by sci-fi, comics, emerging tech, animation, cartoon strips and the occasional glass of whiskey.

Nathan is a frequent presenter on creativity and innovation topics at conferences such as South by Southwest Interactive and in front of professional organizations and universities. He has taught Internet marketing as an adjunct instructor at Drake University and is active in the Des Moines technology and entrepreneur communities.

Before taking the plunge as a full-time artist, he worked in digital marketing with various stints at an advertising agency, his own consulting firm and a large retail company.

Jami Milne is the interim managing editor of Clay & Milk. Send her an email at editor@clayandmilk.com.