BrewOps and BREWD announce merger

Two software companies in the craft beer market announced a merger Wednesday.

Software companies Fermented Labs and BrewOps are merging, according to a news release.

Fermented Labs is the creator of BREWD – a Des Moines based software provider to the craft beer industry; BrewOps is a software company for brewery inventory and production management.

According to the release, Dave Jensen and Daniel Dresser – founders of BrewOps – will join the leadership and founding team of Fermented Labs, providing technical expertise to the company.

In a post on, John Jackovin described a conversation that eventually led to the merger.

He says when he met with Dave Jensen of BrewOps, Jensen proposed the idea of a merger.


“That’s when I had my moment of clarity. We are pretty small still. They have yet to release a product. Why not merge?!? It seemed to make perfect sense. We were both startup tech companies; they had the technical side covered, I have vast experience starting companies with a focus on sales, marketing and operations.”

Jackovin continued by saying:

“This conversation occurred on April 16th. In the two plus months since Dave, Daniel (the other co-founder of BrewOps), and I have spent countless hours figuring out if and how we fit, determining our goals, and mapping out what we plan to create,” Jackovin writes. “As it turns out, our visions aligned almost perfectly.”