Middle Bit: Iowa DNR eliminates jobs, dissolves forestry bureau; Nebraska sports company Hudl raises $30 million

After receiving a $1.2 million cut to its budget the Iowa Department of Natural Resources responded by closing its Bureau of Forestry and eliminating several positions, according to The Des Moines Register.

According to The Register, the department dissolved the forestry unit this week and eliminated the bureau chief position and reassigned the state’s foresters to other various bureaus and divisions. It also cut the position of state geologist and ended a federally aided program for park improvements.

The changes were announced Wednesday.

Sports video company Hudl raises $30 million

Hudl—a Nebraska-bsaed company that provides video review and performance analysis tools for sports teams— raised $30 million to provide teams with quicker access to the insights they use for training and game preparation according to a news release on Hudl.com.

Hudl works with over 153,000 teams and is used in Iowa High School Sports all the way up to professional sports teams.

According to the release, Hudl plans to pair innovations in machine learning and computer vision with in-house professional analysts to bring cutting-edge sports analytics to teams around the world.

“We started offering assisted analysis services two years ago to U.S. high school basketball teams,” David Graff, CEO of Hudl, said in the release. “The demand from teams across sports and levels of play has been overwhelming. We’ll provide analysis for over 300,000 games around the world this year.”

Hudl is headquartered in Lincoln, Neb.

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