NewBoCo, United Way announce nonprofit innovation program

NewBoCo will partner with United Way of East Central Iowa to form a nonprofit innovation program, according to a news release Friday afternoon.

According to the release, the intent is to improve the capability of the region’s nonprofits to launch new products and services, strengthen financial viability and make a bigger impact on communities.

NewBoCo (The New Bohemian Innovation Collaborative) operates the Iowa Startup Accelerator as well as several other entrepreneurial initiatives in Eastern Iowa.

The programs will be available to nonprofits in the Corridor and consists of four components:

  1. A series of educational workshops on innovation, strategy, execution and cultural change, intended to provide access to strategies and techniques used by for-profit companies and inspired by startups.
  2. Agile coaching to help existing nonprofits maximize flexibility and learning and to build strong organizational cultures.
  3. Nonprofit coworking, providing discounted office space and a community for small and early stage nonprofits, working alongside startups and small businesses in the Vault Coworking space.
  4. A social good accelerator for new nonprofit ideas to rapidly test them before launching. The accelerator will operate much like Iowa Startup Accelerator does: a time-boxed, highly selective program with grant funding available.

Organizational leaders from 16 nonprofits attended the pilot nonprofit innovation event last month, according to the release.