A fourth cohort for the Global Insurance Accelerator is approaching

The Managing Director of the Global Insurance Accelerator says he’s exploring growth opportunities including additional cohorts and expanding to more locations.

“We are through three years of the program and when this all started the original seven investors agreed to a three year commitment” Brian Hemesath said. “So the fact that everybody is back for year four and we’ve almost doubled our investor count is a really good sign.”

The Global Insurance Accelerator graduated its third cohort at the end of April and begins accepting applications for the fourth cohort in September. The 100 day program starts in January with a $40,000 investment in exchange for six percent equity.

Hemesath said the Global Insurance Accelerator now has grown its number of investors from seven to 13.

“We’ve built something that the carriers are getting a lot of value from,” Hemesath says. “All signs indicate we are doing something the carriers value. So what’s next? We’re evaluating all sorts of growth opportunities, anything from additional cohorts, locations, maybe even some global opportunities.”

He said with InsurTech week from October 23-27, ten companies from around the world will come to Des Moines for a week to network and expose them to Des Moines without cash or equity.

“We are at a really important spot to capatilize on what could be a really big growth over the next three to seven years,” Hemesath said.

The fourth cohort of the Global Insurance Accelerator will begin class in January in Des Moines.