FIN Capital to host its second annual Angel Investing Bootcamp

Iowa’s first women’s angel investment network—FIN Capital—is hosting its second annual investment boot camp for all Iowa women interested in angel investing or entrepreneurship.

In a news release Monday, FIN Capital announced its second annual Angel Investing Boot Camp will be from 8;30 to 5 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 25 at Tero International in Clive.

Susan Preston, Chair of Angel Resource Institute and Managing Partner of Seattle Angel Fund will return to lead the Boot Camp, according to the release.

Any woman in Iowa with an interest in angel investing is invited to attend.

The FIN Capital network started in 2016 and has over 30 women from across Iowa.

Heidi Wessels, Director of FIN Capital, said almost all of the women who joined had limited experience in angel investing.

So they wanted to provide an overview of angel investing through this boot camp.

“It’s angel investing 101,” Wessels said. “What is it, is it right for you, we have panelists and guest speakers.”

For women who don’t know much about angel investing, Wessels says she hopes this boot camp can remove that fear of the unknown.

“Being able to walk out of the room at the end of the day with a level of comfort and confidence to participate in this level of investing,” Wessels said. “Or just learning more about it and having that comfort level that the mystery is gone.”

Over 40 women attended the event last year, which was spread out over two days.

This year the boot camp will be one day.

“We will have members of FIN Capital talk about their angel investing experience and then we are actually going to take an actual company and work through a diligence process,” Wessels says. “What to look for when you are looking at a deal and trying to decide if it’s right for you as an investor.”

Wessels says of all the events FIN Capital does, this one was the highest ranking; Even a few women joined after the event.

FIN Capital is an initiative of Iowa Center for Economic Success.

Click here for tickets.

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