Time ReDesigned: An app to help school administrators manage their time

Time is the one thing we can’t get more of, so a former teacher and college professor came up with an app to help school administrators better manage their time.

Time ReDesigned is an IOS mobile app targeted towards school administrators that collects data on activities throughout the day and allows them to analyze it to see where their time is being spent.

Jobi Lawrence has 30 years of experience in education as a teacher in the Columbus Junction and Muscatine School Districts, a professor at William Penn University and as an official in the Iowa Department of Education.

“Time is just a huge challenge because it’s the one thing you can’t buy more of,” Lawrence said. “You aren’t getting anymore than anyone else.”

Testing phase

Lawrence recruited administrators from all across the country to use the Time ReDesigned app for free this semester and provide her with feedback. In total, she has close to 130 administrators from 12 states and 40 school districts.

In Iowa, the Marshalltown and Waukee School Districts have administrators testing the Time ReDesigned app from September to December.

“As an administrator you go into your day thinking this is what it will be like, then this fire pops up and a parent stops in,” Lawrence says. “It’s constantly putting out fires and their time is constantly being gobbled up by things they didn’t plan on doing that day.”

So Lawrence says administrators can use the app to, “Stay shielded from all those distractions.”

“If they really want to improve student outcomes, they have to be able to have more focused control over their time,” Lawrence says. “This helps them stay focused on what they need to be doing, delegate and have a real strategic plan about what they will do with their time.”

Lawrence says once the data is collected and analyzed, she hopes administrators see value with the app.

“We think we know where our time is going everyday,” Lawrence says. “Once you have the data in front of you, it’s not lying. You can’t say you think you are spending all your time in the classroom, when the data shows you are only spending 30 percent of your time there.”

Lawrence says the Time ReDesigned app should be ready for Android devices in the Spring. Teacher, students and business sector versions are being developed.