Denim records a billion data points

Des Moines-based insurtech company Denim has aggregated more than one billion data points on consumer engagement with the mobile and social media ads for insurance and financial services companies, according to a news release Thursday.

According to the release, the data points provide insights such as:

  • Millennial consumers ages 25-34 are a sweet spot and see more ads than any other age group.
  • Ads viewed between midnight at 7 a.m. are 29 percent more likely to be clicked on.
  • Android smartphone users are 410 percent more likely to click on ads than iPhone users

“Technology doesn’t stand still, and neither do the people who use it,” Denim CEO Gregory Bailey said. “We’re always thinking about what’s next and with this amount of data, we’re in an extremely strong position to drive smarter marketing for our customers.”