Middle Bit: Startups are for net neutrality

Net Neutrality Photo courtesy of Flickr.com

More than a dozen Kansas City-area firms have joined a nationwide alliance of startups supporting net neutrality, according to a story Tuesday in StartlandNews.com. 

According to the story, 1,000 tech startups represented by Y Combinator, Techstarts and Engine also disagree with the proposed plan to repeal regulations from 2015 that prohibit internet service providers from interfering with consumers’ access to content on the web.

The plans were announced Tuesday in a Wall Street Journal editorial written by FCC Chairman Ajiit Pai.

Pai proposes the FCC require internet service providers be transparent so consumers can buy the best plan for them. The FCC would then police internet service providers, protect consumers and promote competition, Pai says.

The FCC will vote on this proposal Dec. 14; A list of the Kansas City firms that disagree with the proposal was not found.

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