Middle Bit: Multiple central Iowa funds invest in Toronto-based FindBob

Des Monies-based Grinnell Mutual, Ames Seed Capital and the Global Insurance Accelerator invested in Toronto-based FindBob—a provider of transition management platforms for the financial services industry.

According to a story last Friday at SiliconPrairieNews.com, FindBob closed a seed round of $1.25 million to grow its sales and marketing teams.

Des Moines-based Grinnell Mutual led the investment along with MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund and Ames Seed Capital. The Global Insurance Accelerator and Canadian and U.S-based angel investors provided follow-on investment.

FindBob launched in 2015.

Kansas City-based CubeMonk is into cryptocurrency

If the internet was the third industrial revolution, blockchain cryptocurrency is the fourth, according to one Kansas City entrepreneur.

A story last Thursday at StartlandNews.com featured CubeMonk—a Kansas City-based blockchain cryptocurrency platform—that combines blockchain technology with the internet of Logistics to provide lower costs, increased transparency, efficiency and profits for those in its shipping marketplace.

According to the story, CubeMonk founder and CEO Todd Haselhorst incorporated the company in September of 2017 and won first place at a blockchain pitch competition in Toronto. CubeMonk has nine full-time contributors, 15-20 advisors and other collaborators.

“Our goal is to work with the major industry players,” Haselhorst told StartlandNews. “You have brokers and shippers on one side of the ecosystem. You have providers, carriers and vendors on the other side. So creating a consortium in and around using this technology to build a marketplace and equipment exchange is, in a lot of ways, redefining the way business is done worldwide.”

According to the story, Haselhorst said most businesses aren’t ready for what’s to come but that it’s in their best interests to adapt—or better yet, lead.

“It’s here to stay and the faster we adopt this technology, the better off Kansas City will be in the future,” he says.

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