Middle Bit: Heated pavement technology tests well at Des Moines Airport

Engineers from Iowa State University were pleased Friday morning with how their heated-pavement technology tested at the Des Moines International Airport.

Two slabs of electrically conductive concrete effectively cleared ice and snow during testing over the last few days and weeks. The technology is a project led by Halil Ceylan and a group of Iowa State University engineers.

According to a press release, the test slabs at Des Moines International Airport are nearly eight inches thick in two layers—the bottom four inches are regular concrete—the top three and a half are electrically conductive concrete. Between the layers are twelve metal electrodes, six per slab, running the width of each slab. The electrodes are wired to the nearby hangar’s power supply.

The slabs are also wired with various sensors: temperature probes, strain gauges, humidity sensors and more. There are two surveillance cameras mounted nearby. And the team just acquired its newest research tool…A high-grade thermal camera.

Ceylan says the installation costs would be higher than regular pavements but save on the cost of plows, de-icing chemicals and wastewater treatment of chemical runoff.

Bryan Belt, the director of engineering and planning at the Des Moines International Airport, said this is the first major research project at the airport.

Belt said with this technology, you would strategically place it in areas with high foot or bag traffic.

Women-centered coworking space opens in Minneapolis

A new coworking space designed specifically for women opened its doors Tuesday in Minneapolis, according to a story Wednesday in the Star Tribune.

ModernWell opened at the former Baby Grand Building at 2909 Wayzata Blvd., according to the story. It is described as a, “Safe space for women to work independently or collaboratively.”

According to the story, the 5,200 square foot building features offices, conference rooms, podcast studio as well as some spaces not dedicated for work like a massage room, yoga studio and a wellness/relaxation area.

Memberships start at $185 a month.

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