Gov. Reynolds unveils commercial driver’s license test prep app

What used to be a booklet has become an app.

In her first press conference of the 2018 legislative session, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and the Iowa Department of Transportation unveiled a mobile app for commercial driver’s license prep. The app is available for free to anyone with an Iowa driver’s license or ID card and is available for IOS, Android and desktops. It features 72 practice tests and the official CDL Manual.

The Iowa CDL Test Prep guide is the federal CDL manual converted to an app.

“I continuously challenge state agencies to find ways to modernize our government products and services,” Reynolds said. “In doing so, we increase access to our citizens by offering those products and services in ways that make it easier for people to use them.”

Iowa-City based Higher Learning Technologies developed the app.

“The Iowa DOT has accepted that challenge,” Reynolds said. “By developing the CDL test app, the Iowa DOT recognizes how Iowa people learn and that their lifestyles have changed. Studying from a written manual didn’t really meet peoples needs, so they adjusted.”

The app will hopefully address an issue finding and attracting certified truck drivers. Don Egli—the Director of Safety for the Iowa Motor Truck Association—said the driver shortage issue is a, “Very serious problem.”

He said there are a number of factors for the shortage, mainly drivers must be 21 to drive on the interstate and insurance companies won’t cover drivers until they are 23.

“The people we see coming into the industry are in the mid-40’s and have been displaced from another industry,” Egli said. “We need to get that message out there and this app will really help that.”

And because Higher Learning Technologies has developed apps for other industries such as retail, education and dentists, Reynolds said it is, “Limitless” as to what can be converted from paper to app.

“It’s really about finding ways to meet people where they’re at,” Reynolds said. “The Iowa Department of Transportation has really done a great job of trying to meet those needs. They’re an example that other agencies—who do a good job too—can follow.”