Wood: The return of the Iowa Startup Power Rankings

My popular recurring series—the Iowa Startup Power Rankings—will officially be making the move from the Gravitate Coworking blog to Clay & Milk starting in February. Ignoring the fact that the series has been on hiatus for more than a full year (I didn’t get around to publishing any rankings in 2017 … whoops) I’m excited for it to grow in its new home.

I started the Power Rankings after reading something from Tom Chapman about how one of the most important things that Chambers of Commerce, industry associations, state agencies and the like could do to help their own startup community is help startups get discovered.

To do that, they need to know who the most interesting startups are and then help to get the word out to their members, investors, visitors, etc.

The Power Rankings were intended to be a sort of cheat sheet, an easy way that the people that don’t work with Iowa startups on a day-to-day basis to find out who was making moves. The fact that the series gave a little fist bump to the companies that were recognized each month was a bonus.

The rules for the Power Rankings will remain the same and the first rule is also the most important one:

The Power Rankings are completely subjective and don’t actually mean anything. I’m doing this for fun.

Here are the five rules for the Iowa Startup Power Rankings:

  1. The Power Rankings are completely subjective and don’t actually mean anything. I’m doing this for fun.
  2. I’m not picking winners. I want to see everyone succeed and this community grow. If you don’t agree with a particular pick or think I missed something, feel free to debate it in the comments.
  3. I’m pretty good at picking up startup news from across the state but I don’t catch everything. If your startup is doing something great this month, let me know about it.
  4. I’ll usually pick companies but I reserve the right to substitute in individuals, events, organizations, fun YouTube videos or anything else that makes sense to me at the time I’m putting them together.
  5. Standard “King of the Hill”-rules apply, you retain your ranking until someone unseats you.

The Power Rankings always recognize the work of the community in the prior month so there is still time to make some big moves in January in order to hit the February post. If you’ve been keeping the lid on a major client announcement, investment raise or are about to be acquired—now is the time to let us know.  

Geoff Wood is the co-founder of Clay & Milk and the founder of Gravitate, a coworking community and entrepreneurial support organization in Des Moines. He’s been telling the story of the Iowa startup community since 2009.