A developer turns into a first time founder

He was an app developer who saw an opportunity to fill a gap that companies will pay for.

So Adam Hass founded in July of 2017 to help companies build better applications for their customers and retain their current users. helps companies track how their app is doing, once it has been released and users are interacting with it.

Hass said he was developing apps at a marketing company before starting

“There’s good parts and hard parts,” Hass says. “You wear a lot of hats so you might be working on product development part of the day but then doing sales calls, customer support, networking…”

Hass said is based in Johnston with five employees.

Time management

As a software developer by trade, Hass says it’s easy for him to get stuck in the same routine of keeping his head down and focusing only on the product. But he said he’s been intentional about attending the Full-Time Founders meetup at Gravitate in downtown Des Moines, 1 Million Cups in Des Moines and events hosted by the Technology Association of Iowa.

“It helps you stay motivated,” Hass says. “I knew these things existed but when you are heads down trying to develop product and not really taking a breath to get out and do that. I didn’t prioritize it until later on but I definitely wish I would have sooner.”

He said it was easier to be more involved in the community once their product had gone to market and customers were paying for it. Hass said now has clients in five countries and are monitoring metrics for users in 40 countries.

Hass said it was through 1 Million Cups that he came in contact with a potential investor.

“I presented at 1 Million Cups earlier this year and someone watched the presentation and decided to reach out to me that they wanted to invest in the company,” Hass explains.

He’s hopeful to close the deal and announce it by the end of April.

For the rest of 2018 Hass says will continue to innovate its product and add new integrations for marketers and developers.

“I can’t really praise Iowa’s startup ecosystem enough, it’s like Iowa nice but with tech,” Hass says. “Being able to be out there and support other startups and the things going on now, we just need to keep up that momentum and keep it moving. I want to see Des Moines¬†become one of those tech beacons.”