Fluttr: A video sharing platform designed for creators

Two entrepreneurs are working to find a solution to the growing concern of demonetization and censorship on video hosting platforms.

Kyle Marvin and Evan Pischel noticed a growing frustration among the online video creator community in 2017 when their income began to get cut based on the extent to which advertisers liked or disliked their content.

“Evan and I would constantly talk about what we could do to fix this problem,” said Kyle Marvin, CEO and co-founder of Fluttr. “Ultimately we theorized what a true creator friendly platform would look like. We wrote out a rough draft what different features, monetization methods and policies and asked a couple of our YouTube & Twitch friends to see what they think.”

Eventually, they came up with Fluttr, a new online video platforming service that prioritizes creators over advertisers.

Putting creators first

Fluttr is creator friendly in the sense that they tailor towards creators rather than advertisers. Creators are free to publish whatever they choose (without it being illegal of course) without fear of being demonetized or censored. Fluttr will also offer new, innovative tools that will make it easier for creators to publish, share and collaborate.

“What makes us different than other video sharing platforms is that we have more tools and features to offer creators as well as the company being ran by existing creators,” said Marvin. “We also differ by implementing different monetization methods offered for creators, like our donation and subscription models.”

2018 plans

Fluttr’s beta is expected to launch in the Fall of 2018. The company plans on getting traction on the site by the year’s end in order to begin hiring for the company and begin their seed round of funding.

“We see the platform as a minor part in our long-term roadmap,” said Marvin. “We will continue to build features and tools on top of the platform in order to make content creation easier for creators. Our ultimate vision is to provide networking events, classes and festivals for creators on our platform. We see Fluttr becoming a massive all-in-one video creator platform.”