Kho Health: Changing the way athletes approach injuries

Photo courtesy of Kho Health, a platform that connects athletes with the health providers that can best address their injuries.

As a longtime athlete, Ian Warner had grown increasingly frustrated with how difficult it was for athletes to get in touch with the right people to deal with their injuries.

Then, he decided to something about it.

Kho Health, started in 2016, is a mobile-first platform that allows injured athletes to connect with local healthcare providers that can best deal with their specific injury.

“There’s not really a good way to go about finding people who have the specialization that athletes often need,” says Warner, founder and CEO of the Des Moines-based company. “You often have to use multiple websites and connect the dots on your own. It was just a really frustrating process.”

For athletes and healthcare providers

“One of the problems we initially ran into is that when we are very athlete heavy,” says Warner. “So when we started launching the product we had a ton of questions coming in, but we couldn’t keep up with the volume on the healthcare provider side.”

Now, Kho Health operates so that the health care providers aren’t needed in the initial steps of using the platform.

“All the information and data that our app needs to find the best providers is pulled into the database and used to help users find the best healthcare provider for them,” says Warner. “Then we can take that user data and show it to healthcare providers to get them engaged on the platform.”

2018 plans

Kho Health was one of the four companies selected to take part in the Iowa Startup Accelerator’s 2018 Spring Cohort.

“Iowa Startup Accelerator kicks you in the face,” says Warner. “It helps us to realize the little things we were missing in and pushes us to always focus on going back and talking to the customer. It’s really easy as an entrepreneur to come up with ideas, but it always comes back to what the customer thinks and wants.”

Warner says he plans on continuing to concentrate on getting athletes to use the app as much as possible this year.

“I’m really focused this year on building the athlete-side of the platform and getting them used to using the product, getting numbers up, and gaining a lot of organic traffic,” says Warner. “Once those numbers are really solid, we can go to healthcare providers with something really impressive and make getting engaged on the platform a no-brainer for them.”

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