Smart Ag receives $5 million investment from Stine Seed

Stine Seed Farm has invested $5 million in Smart Ag Inc., according to a news release by PrecisionAg.

Smart Ag is an Ames-based company dedicated to feeding the world smarter through the use of automated farming equipment.

Founder and CEO of Smart Ag, Colin Hurd, said the value of the Stine Seed investment extends beyond the financial aspects because of Stine Seed’s reputation for innovation, technology and putting farmers first, according to the release.

The Smart Ag platform enables a machine to run autonomously, and it includes four components. AAVI Autonomous Farming is the overall farm, field, and machinery management platform. SmartHP is a simple plug-and-play kit to automate tractors. SmartNX is the hardware to connect a combine or any other machine to the cloud and any tractor with SmartHP. AutoCart is the interface used in the combine to control the grain cart tractor.