Ag Startup Engine invests in Automed

Ag Startup Engine has announced that it has made an initial seed investment in automed, a supplier of hardware devices and software systems for medication delivery, compliance, disease prevention and traceability for the livestock industry.

The automed system calculates the optimal medication for a variety of different species including cattle, sheep and pigs. It then administers the exact dose and automatically records the data.

Founded by David Edwards and Samira Davoodi in 2012, automed was started with the goal of completing the development of the automatic medication delivery system previously conceived by David in 2008.

Since that time, the company has successfully established facilities in Canberra Australia and Ames, Iowa, and is now working on developing a third branch in Germany, with the aim of servicing the European market.

Automed joins five other Iowa-based startups Performance Livestock Analytics, Nebullam, Gross-Wen Technologies, Smart Ag, and FarmlandFinder in the portfolio of companies in the Ag Startup Engine Fund, making it the sixth startup Ag Startup Engine has invested in since they began in 2016.

“We’re already seeing the fruits of our labor in mentoring and promoting companies beginning or establishing a presence in the Ames community,” said Joel Harris, Co-director of Ag Startup Engine in the press release. “More than $8.5 million in follow-on funding has occurred across our initial investments. The progress and innovation that our portfolio companies continue to drive will to prove our thesis that technical disruption can and does happen in the heart of Iowa.

Over the next one to two years, the Ag Startup Engine plans on adding four to eight more agriculture technology startups like to its portfolio, ranging from animal health to precision agriculture.