RackHouse Whiskey Club: Every whiskey has a story

The whiskey industry is booming. New distilleries are sprouting up left and right. In less than 15 years, the U.S. had gone from just 60 craft distilleries to over 1,600 today. With the number of distilleries growing exponentially, you can’t blame whiskey makers for trying to stand out from the pack. Therefore, distillers need to sell a story as much as they sell whiskey.

A new subscription box service is looking to help them do just that.

RackHouse Whiskey Club is a subscription box service that delivers a package filled with a select premium bottle of craft spirits and other custom accessories. But RackHouse isn’t just simply delivering whiskey.

Rackhouse goes on adventures in search for the best whiskey distilleries and brings their stories straight to your door along with unique products.

“There’s really nobody telling these stories,” said Dannie Strable, co-founder of RackHouse Whiskey Club. “And distilleries don’t have a lot of money to be spending on marketing. They put most of their money back into their product.”

RackHouse finds the best distilleries out there, visits them, films them and does a podcast with them in order to learn about their history and what goes on behind the scenes. Then they take everything they’ve learned from the distillery and put in a box for members to enjoy.”

“We try to make it feel as if our customers were traveling to the distillery,” Strable said. “Our first box just got sent out last week and we have subscribers that are signed up from California all the way across the United States to Florida.”

For RackHouse’s first box that was just sent out last week, they put two autographed bottles in there from Iowa Legendary Rye. The box also came with a whiskey glass from the distillery and several other accessories from Iowa legendary Rye.

RackHouse Whiskey Club’s first box from Iowa Legendary Rye.

“They reached out to us to do something and I thought it’s our first one, let’s stick home to Iowa,” Strable said. “It was just an incredible story. We got to go see where this whole thing happened and all this stuff is still there.”

Iowa Legendary Rye is a small-batch whiskey distillery that is based upon the recipe of the CEO Heath Schnedier’s grandma who was bootlegging more than 300 gallons of whiskey a day in the 1930’s.

“We asked why they used 15-gallon barrels to age their whiskey and they said because you can’t run with a 50-gallon barrel over your shoulder, but you can with a 15-gallon barrel,” Strable said.

Membership to RackHouse Whiskey Club is $129 every 60 days. Click here to subscribe.