Cider Finder: connecting people who love craft cider with people who sell it.

A new app is looking to help people who love craft cider with the people connect with cider makers and sellers.

Cider Finder is an app currently in development that connects local craft cider makers and cider enthusiasts through the United States. It will serve as an advertising platform for cider makers and a discovery platform for cider enthusiasts.

Users will be able to select their favorite ciders, keep up with their favorite cideries, and find their favorite ciders at bars and restaurants near them.

Cider makers and retailers will be able to update the list of ciders being produced and sold and will be able to more easily connect with the people that consume cider.

Cider Finder plans to begin beta testing by mid-September and continue testing through the end of 2018.

“We’ll be testing both ends, said Jay Cooper, founder of Cider Finder. “We want to make sure it works for the people who like beverages and that it’s working for the cider makers because they’re the people who will be paying the $50 per month subscription fee.”

They plan to release their full product at the beginning of 2019 at which point they’ll begin signing on more cider makers and start advertising more heavily to cider drinkers.

“We’ll start booking from Iowa and grow out. We’re thinking we’re going to be able to get more midwestern cider makers at the beginning,” said Cooper. “We are hoping to take this thing completely nationwide and eventually expand into Canada and other English speaking countries.”

Click here, if you are interested in signing up for Cider Finder’s beta test.