TAI holds first Innovation Roundtable on artificial intelligence

TAI held their first quarterly Innovation Roundtable on Tuesday. It was an interactive panel and group discussion looking at the challenges that come with preparing for the future of AI and its impacts on businesses.

The prospects of AI are being highly publicized, and there is a large disconnect between the aspirational picture of the AI-powered world and the way companies operate today. The discussion largely focused on the practical aspects of getting ready for AI.

The session began with three different panelists sharing their experience working with AI or plans to use AI across multiple sectors and a brief outline of some of the challenges of getting ready to take advantage of AI tools.

Following the panelists, the roundtable moved into a group discussion where people had a chance to asked panelists questions and share their plans, concerns and general thoughts of the future of AI.

These were the three panelists at the roundtable:

Daniel Ahmed – Daniel is part of the office of the Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry and Cabinet Affairs and the Future for the United Arab Emirates. He is helping develop the United Arab Emirates National AI Strategy under the Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence. Daniel joined the discussion by webcam from Dubai.

Shashaanka Ashili – Shashaanka is an entrepreneur focused on bringing consumer-centric solutions by leveraging IoT and AI. He guides AI development at SmartDrivinc to streamline data acquisition and to maintain data integrity. In addition, he advises biomedical companies in leveraging AI for personalized medicine.

Patrick Dahlen – Patrick is a Director at Ventech Solutions in Urbandale and works with healthcare payers and providers to provide thought leadership and tools that enable exceptional customer service. His focus is on human-centered design and providing solutions that optimize the user experience and challenge existing paradigms of doing business.