Aloha 21st Century Boomboxes: a new way to listen to music

Srdjan Pavelic is looking to shift the way we experience music.

Pavelic is the founder of Aloha 21st Century Boomboxes, a wireless boombox that doesn’t rely on smartphones. Instead of using a Bluetooth connection, Aloha Boomboxes directly connects with a wireless carrier giving users the opportunity to listen at any location. In addition, the boombox has a solar charger attached allowing users to travel long distances without worry.

Pavelic’s idea was largely inspired by his love for music growing up. After years of dealing with faulty Bluetooth speakers that never seemed to want to connect, Pavelic developed the concept for the Aloha Boombox. Initially a part of an Iowa State class project, the boombox has evolved to take advantage of the latest wireless technology, giving users the ability to connect to the boombox and queue songs from multiple devices at once.

Srdjan Pavelic showcases the Aloha Boombox at CYstarters demo day.

Taking full advantage of local programs and resources, Aloha Boomboxes participated in the ISU Startup Factory as well as the most recent CYstarters cohort. Aloha Boomboxes was one of five winners at the CYstartes 2018 demo day.

“I learned how to really get down and dirty with customer discovery. and find the golden nuggets of what users are truly looking for rather than just assuming I know,” Pavelic said. “It turned everything towards a very human-centric approach when designing my product as well as my company.”

In addition to participating in multiple accelerators, Pavelic has presented at 1 Million Cups Des Moines and Technori Dubuque.

“That feeling of being part of something much larger than myself really grew to a whole new level,” Pavelic said.

Srdjan Pavelic is aiming to have a viable product ready for market by October and hopes to be selling the product by March of next year through a partnership with T-mobile.

Pavelic says he plans to eventually expand the product line beyond boomboxes and develop other wireless smart devices as well.

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