WorkHound and the importance of defining core values

Having a well-defined set of values is essential to any company’s success. Core values are what underpin the vision, shape the culture and communicate what a company stands for. They are the essence of a company’s identity. Many companies focus on the technical competencies while forgetting to look at the underlying factors that make their companies run smoothly — core values. Establishing strong core values provides both internal and external advantages to the company.

That’s why at WorkHound, everything revolves around values.

WorkHound is a retention and referral company that helps trucking companies boost driver count and keep trucks moving. They do that by focusing on creating a real-time feedback loop between frontline workers and their companies.

“Having these has been really valuable for us in articulating that these are the things that make up the north star of our company,” said Max Farrell, co-founder and CEO of WorkHound.

“It’s really about having these as a framework around our decision making,” said Andrew Kirpalani, co-founder and CTO of WorkHound. “We use them as guiding principles when we make various decisions.”

Here are WorkHound’s company values:

Be Nice.

We spend much of our time working, we should do so in harmony and productive collaboration. We value diverse viewpoints but we must all pull together and follow our north star. Collaborators over dictators. Servant leadership.

Create Value.

We create value rather than extracting it. Creating a great product allows our customers to grow with us. Creating a great work environment inspires the best people to build with us. We believe all parties should benefit from every transaction and interaction. This goes for ourselves, our team, our partners, and our customers. Most value is created in long-term relationships

Be Transparent.

Information breeds confidence, silence breeds fear. The best decisions are driven by data. We share everything we know with each other to help prioritize our efforts, create harmony, and build where it hurts. We value trust over rules.

Win or Learn.

We don’t place blame for failure or mistakes, we celebrate and learn from them.

If we don’t screw some things up, we aren’t moving fast enough.

We must deeply understand our customer to serve them best.

We operate with speed, simplicity, and focus.