Traveling as a force for good

Autumn Eastman likes helping people.

Earlier this year, she founded Worthy Buck, a company looking to provide humans with access to basic resources through a platform that allows donators to send direct help to people in need, and receive proof of the impact of their giving.

“We basically realized that people really want to make an impact but people feel a little bit burnt buy the donation process in general and don’t really know the best place to donate,” Eastman said. We really want to  do is create an experience for donors to be able to see the live, instant impact of their donation dollars.”

Eastman and WorthyBuck’s other founder, Lyric Harris, will embark on a year and a half long research trip around the world visiting impactful companies and learning about the best way to make world change.

The duo will be traveling to 33 different countries visiting nonprofits, meeting with world leaders and learning from different cultures. They hope to use what they learned traveling to figure out a way to make the donation experience as easy, transparent and impactful as possible.

Eastman says they have been toying with the idea of live streaming donation events. This would consist of having Worthy Book heroes in different parts of the world that would live stream donation events allowing donators to directly see where their money is going and its impact.

Earlier this year, Eastman and Harris participated in Venture School to help them enhance their idea and network with mentors. The two are currently based in Des Moines while they plan for their trip.

The School Spirit Project

In the meantime, Eastman is working on the School Spirit Project, an effort to provide children in Cedar County, Iowa. The School Spirit Project works by offering online apparel to benefit kids in Lisbon, Iowa that don’t have access to basic hygiene at home.

“We discovered that teachers are using their own money to give out toilet paper and hygiene products for kids that don’t have access at home,” Eastman said.

When you buy a t-shirt or a mug through the School Spirit Project, all the proceeds from that go to one month’s worth of hygiene for a child in Cedar County.