Denim launches Smart Campaigns

Denim, the Des Moines-based mobile marketing platform for financial services, announced last week the launch of Smart Campaigns, the first solution for automatically testing and optimizing mobile advertising across local markets.

With the launch of a single ad campaign through the Denim platform, customers will now have the capability to test campaign variables, such as audiences or creative elements, in a highly personalized way.

The proprietary Smart Campaigns algorithm examines performance across any number of local markets and automatically reallocates the budget to the top performer in each location.

“Launching Smart Campaigns has been an idea since the beginning days of our company,” said Gregory Bailey, CEO and founder of Denim. “The original ethos of Denim has been to optimize and deliver better performance on behalf of our customers for mobile and social media advertising.”

As part of the Smart Campaigns launch, Denim has enhanced its Insights product — where customers can view, analyze, and share data analytics on campaign performance — to provide at-a-glance updates on campaign results. 

“We’re on a continuum to constantly make our software platform smarter and to make use of the vast amount of data we have,” Bailey said. “Smart Campaigns is one step to this journey that we’re on to provide better outcomes and results for our customers and to make our customers smarter at what they do in this world.”

Denim Summit

Denim Summit 2018, will take place on October 24 and 25 in Des Moines and will bring together leading viewpoints on topics relevant to the financial services industry: fintech and insurtech innovations, artificial intelligence, customer experience, digital marketing, and more.

This year the summit will be a two-day event with an opening reception on the 24th at Denim’s new office location in downtown Des Moines.

Speakers at the event will be:

  • Jason Andrew, co-founder and CEO of Limelight Health
  • Gregory Bailey, CEO & founder of Denim
  • Lori Bochner, VP of Marketing at Sammons Financial Group
  • Scott Campbell, Senior VP and Chief Client Officer at American National Insurance Company
  • Bernard Gerwel, Senior VP of American National Insurance Company
  • Adam Gregg, Lieutenant Governor of the State Iowa
  • Tim Hoskins, President of Quester
  • Derek Hyde, CTO and Senior VP business development at AscendIA 
  • Tiffany Tauscheck, Chief Strategy Officer Greater Des Moines Partnership
  • Charlie Turri, CTO of Denim

“It will be a great opportunity to invite the community to see the new Denim workspace, meet the team and see where the magic happens,” said Tim Laehn, Denim’s Director of Marketing.