MedBlox is reinventing the way we exchange healthcare data

There is no easy way to get a holistic view of your current medical records. It can be nearly impossible to get a complete view of what your medical record is. Todd Chamberlain and Somchai Rice are looking to change that.

In February of this year, the two founded MedBlox, a platform backed by blockchain technology that helps facilitate the ownership of electronic health related (EHR) data between the provider and the patient.

“Our focus from the beginning has been to shift the burden of maintenance and compliance away from the provider and to transfer that ownership of health data to the patient,” Somchai Rice, CSO and co-founder of MedBlox. “We can do this fully, acting as a bridge that connects these information silos.”

Removing the strain of dealing with medical records from providers will allow them to focus on continuity of care, improving quality of life, and will empower patients in active disease prevention.

“There’s a lot of people doing health data exchange,” Todd Chamberlain, CEO and co-founder of MedBlox said. “But we have the added benefit of being able to shift liability outside the walls of the health institutions which they’ve never been able to do before.”

MedBlox’s platform is slated to roll out in the second quarter of 2019.

“We want to be ubiquitous with how health data flows from one organization to another,” Chamberlain said. “Really what we want to see happen is healthcare organizations talking about the information and records they have and really engaging.”

“We’re hoping to capitalize on a fast-moving market. In five years, our hope is to have MedBlox be the framework that healthcare data lives on,” Rice said.