6C Solutions is bringing modern analytics technology to the chemical plant industry

This story is part of a series that will look at and profile each of the six startups in NewBoCo’s Fall 2018 accelerator programs.

After working as both a chemical engineering intern and as a data consultant, Keerthan Vantakala noticed a large gap between what many technology companies were doing for their analytics and what the chemical plants were doing.

In July of this year, he founded 6C Solutions, an analytics startup that offers data analytics consulting and app-building services to chemical plants.

“In the past five years, there has been a huge movement in using machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize the processes these companies are doing,” Vantakala said. “I’ve worked in advertising tech and there are a ton of models that fuel all these ads. Essentially, we want to use some of those same techniques for chemical plants.”

6C Solutions is currently focused on ethanol plants with plans to expand into other types of chemical plants including wastewater treatment plants and distilleries.

“Chemical plants are very data rich. They’ve been storing all this data for a very long time,” Vantakala said. “That makes exploring these various machine learning algorithms a lot easier since they already have a lot of data.”

6C Solutions is one of four companies participating in the 2018 fall cohort of the Iowa Startup Accelerator.

“I’ve been in the accelerator for about three weeks now, and it’s been great so far. It really puts into focus what I’ve been working on,” Vantakala said. They’ve been great at pushing me to go meet with clients and do a lot of customer discovery early on to see what is really want, which has been very helpful.”