Higher Learning Technologies focuses on culture as it continues to grow

Last week, Coralville-based Higher Learning Technologies (HLT) received national recognition from Entrepreneur Magazine for having one of the Best Company Cultures in the US.  They are the only company from Iowa who made the list and ranked as the #15 company in the country for the best place to work.

“Having a good company culture is something that’s been core to us since we founded the company,” said Adam Keune, Chief Business Development Officer and co-founder of HLT. “Having a good culture is a lot more than snacks and ping pong tables. It’s really about finding people’s passion and amplifying that. We try to bring in voices from everyone in the company so it truly is a company culture, not just a few people saying this would be fun.”

Last year, the company raised $8 million in investment to boost its development of mobile study apps.

“We’ve used the money to invest in enhancing our platform. We’ve moved into some new fields that we weren’t in before. We’ve increased our staff,” Keune said. “Just continuing to push forward in revolutionizing education, especially in that professional learning in space.”

Over the next year, HLT plans to use the investment money to continue to bring on new team members.

“We’re looking to grow our staff by about twenty percent,” Keune said. “So we’re pretty excited for that. We’ll be bringing on all types of different roles from software to marketing to designers.”

Initially just focused on test prep, HLT is beginning to expand their scope into other professional learning fields. The company is currently working on a nursing education project with Johnson & Johnson and the American Nursing Association.

“With some of the partners we have, it’s exciting to be moving into other professional learning fields,” Keune said.