Middle Bit: ManchesterStory invests in Rollick

ManchesterStorya Des Moines-based venture capital firm for companies in the InsurTech, FinTech and Healthcare Sector, recently took part in an investment in Rollick.

Since launching in February of 2017, ManchesterStory has invested in seven companies and expects to invest in another 15-20 companies over the next five years.

Rollick, the first affinity buying program and enterprise lead management solution for the powersports, RV, marine and industrial equipment industries, raised $8.3M in their Series A funding round. LiveOak Venture Partners and Anthem Venture Partners added to the round as well.

What else is happening?


A blockchain-enabled solution from Venture360, called Liquifi, aims to unfreeze startups paralyzed by a lack of access to capital, Rachael Qualls said with excitement. Part of a three-tier plan, executed over the past 12 years — a span that has included the launch of Angel Investor Group and Venture360 — Liquifi technology allows companies to solve capital’s “final frontier.” It’s a disruptive opportunity to build and control companies’ own private stock exchanges, initiate a capital raise, verify investors’ identities, execute closing documents, collect payments, and issue security tokens. –Startland News


Seven years ago, a group of community organizers gathered to map out the first Lincoln Startup Week. It has since become an annual event that continues to grow and mature. This year, Lincoln Startup Week runs October 22nd through 26th in locations throughout the city. –Silicon Prairie News


On October 10, 2018, Understory, the Madison, Wisconsin based weather company, filed paperwork with the SEC recording a $6.5 million dollar raise. The company which relocated from Somerville, Massachusetts in 2016 provides real-time weather microgrids that help provide accurate information for geo-specific places. This technology can be used by insurance carriers to better understand localized weather risk associated with crop to household insurance claims. –Silicon Prairie News

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