HartSmart Products is providing 3D printing services to Iowans

After buying his own 3D printer, Brandon Hart quickly became completely immersed in the hobby of 3D printing. In 2015, he decided to start his own 3D printing business, HartSmart Products.

“I was running out of things to print and decided to jump on 3D printing hubs and take jobs for people,” Hart said. That started going really well and eventually, I decided to start my own business. From there, it sort of evolved into a whole lot more than just contract 3D printing.”

HartSmart Products is a design and prototyping firm based in Des Moines. Originally focused only on 3D printing and design services, the company has evolved to provide a wider array of prototyping capabilities and product development services.

“I sort of backed into the prototyping and design stuff,” Hart said. “I had a lot of customers who wanted contract 3D printing but when I asked them for the model they wanted me to print, they would start describing what it should look like which is not the same thing as actually having a model.”

“Working with inventors who have these ideas locked up in their head and being able to pull those out and make something they can hold in their hand has been really cool,” Hart added.

Offering more than 3D printing

In addition to providing design and prototyping services, HartSmart Products also offers exclusively eco-friendly 3D printing filaments.

“As I started trying to find options for eco-friendly materials, I discovered there just isn’t much out there,” Hart said. “So when I find a few options that work, I want other people to use that stuff too.

Hart also leads the Des Moines 3D printing meetup every month and has a youtube channel called ECOstruder where he shares new 3D printing techniques and best practices to reduce your impact on the environment while 3D printing.

“Eventually, I want to support the community that’s interested in 3D printing in more ways than just printing stuff out for them,” Hart said. “I’d like to do more community outreach and educational classes. Basically be the center for everything 3D printing in Des Moines and Iowa.”