Hatchlings names E.B. Updegraff CEO as the company continues to grow

Social gaming company Hatchlings has announced that its Marketing Director, E.B. Updegraff will take on the role of CEO.

Updegraff will lead the company in a direction to help it attract new audiences for its games, explore fresh perspectives on the gaming industry, and grow the business as a whole.

Updegraff joined Hatchlings in early 2017 as its Marketing, Community and Social Media Manager.

Since then she has led the team in introducing many successful marketing strategies and in-game features, as well as coordinating the launch of Pretty Jigsaw Puzzles, released in September of 2018.

When asked about her goals for the future of Hatchlings, Updegraff cites the company’s strength in reaching underserved markets, specifically women and seniors. She hopes to set an example for game creators in valuing and creating content for these audiences.

“We want to continue our focus on some of these underserved audiences in the gaming arena, specifically women over the age of 45, and really respecting that audience. I don’t think there are a lot of gaming companies that are specifically doing that, or if they are they aren’t championing the audience as much as I think it deserves to be,” Updegraff said. “So that’s a big focus for Hatchlings is growing that audience, growing our reach to that audience and continuing to have the incredible level of support and interaction that we have.”

Updegraff also aims to create new games and grow the number of platforms on which Hatchlings games are available.

Hatchlings founder and owner Brad Dwyer will remain with the company as Chairman to oversee the transition while pursuing new gaming technologies including augmented reality.

“Brad and I have worked closely through the whole transition and are very much on the same page about where we want to see Hatchlings go and grow,” Updegraff said. “It’s been incredible to sit down and figure out strategically what we want the company to be.”

Over the last year, the Hatchlings team has doubled their team from four employees to eight.

“A lot of that is leading towards putting out new games on new platforms, exploring new platforms and improving that games that we have and bringing in new users,” Updegraff said.

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