Performance Livestock Analytics raises $2.25 million to scale platform

Ames-based agtech company, Performance Livestock Analytics, recently raised $2.25 million that will allow them to scale their current platform.

The company’s flagship platform, Performance Beef, uses Bluetooth technology to track each pound of food that goes to each animal, along with each dollar associated with the animal. The technology provides producers with a more accurate, efficient way to feed animals.

In September, the company announced that their Performance Beef platform had surpassed one million head of cattle under management.

“We launched our platform roughly a year and a half ago. Since we launched it, its really taken the market by storm,” Performance Livestock Analytics¬†CEO and co-founder Dane Kuper said. “We’re growing at a very fast rate and have a great opportunity to continue to accelerate that. Really our focus is on market adoption and deploying our platform in more places throughout the U.S. and internationally.”

So far, all of the company’s raised capital has come from angel investors and individuals rather than from larger firms, Kuper told Clay & Milk.

“At this point, we’re raising this round without any true venture capital institutional firms which we feel good about because we’ll have the adaptiveness we need as we continue to accelerate,” Kuper said.

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