Erica Cole wins both days of the Rose Francis Elevator Pitch Competition

On November 13 and 14, the University of Iowa’s John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (Iowa JPEC) hosted the Rose Francis Elevator Pitch Competition.

Over forty teams pitched their business ideas over the two day competition, in which a total of $50,000 in cash prizes was awarded. The first day of the competition was for early stage companies who have not yet achieved revenue or won more than $1,000 in business competitions. The second day was for companies with revenue or who have previously won $1,000 or more in business competitions.

Senior Erica Cole and her company, No Limbits, won first place on day one and advanced to day two, where she also took first place. No Limbits creates affordable and customizable 3D printed covers for prosthetic limbs. Cole also won first place at the Iowa Startup Games earlier this fall.

“These awards will allow me to really get my business off the ground. The University has provided so much support for me, and I cannot thank JPEC enough for their guidance,” Cole told Clay & Milk.

Below are all of the winners from the 2018 Rose Francis Pitch Competition:

Day 1 Winners:

1st Place 

  • $2,500 No Limbits (Erica Cole) *advanced to Day 2

2nd Place

  • $1,000 DeFoggles (Eric Brosch)
  • $1,000 Share Boost Athletics (Jonathan Jacobson)
  • $1,000 Tiny Baker (Brendan McCormick)

3rd Place 

  • $500 Beamers Buzzing Bee (Joseph Beam)
  • $500 TradeLink (Nicholas Eltjes, Carter Gornick, Noah Loffredo)
  • $500 UDraft (Connor Harris, Connor Greer)

Best social impact

  • $500 Cessabit (Jesse Davis)

Best retail product or business

  • $500 Wi Create (Jiwoo Wi)

Best lifestyle business

  • $500 Evolved Tents (Tyler Grandsen)

Best pitch

  • $500 Third X Charm (Allison Portz)

Best product or service

  • $500 Food Genius (Daniel Machlab)

Judges Choice

  • $500 Box of Happiness/Chemical Confetti (Sloan Hoover)

Day 2 Winners:

1st Place

  • $10,000: No Limbits (Erica Cole)

2nd Place

  • $5,000: IV Co-Pilot (Katelyn Anderson)
  • $5,000: Funny Nuggets (Jade Peterson)
  • $5,000: Students Care (Peter Easler, Jacob Newcomb,  Michael Penniman)

3rd Place

  • $2,500: Flora Keep (Eric Brosch)
  • $2,500: K&T Designs/Wanderlust Wraps (Kennedy Voss, Taylor Williams)
  • $2,500: Asonus Tech (Adam Hoffman)
  • $2,500: In2NoteBooks (Peter Seele)

Best social impact

  • $1,000: Students Care (Peter Easler, Jacob Newcomb, Michael Penniman)

Best product or service

  • $1,000: K&T Designs/Wanderlust Wraps (Kennedy Voss, Taylor Williams)

Best community impact 

  • $1,000: Comigo (Isabel Reed,)

Best pitch 

  • $1,000: Funny Nuggets (Jade Peterson)

Hitting the ground running

  • $1,000: Hype Tribe (Carly Koemptgen)