DashJet offers custom, flexible jet travel

Photo courtesy of pexels.

DashJet, a new jet brokerage based in Ankeny, is looking to modernize the jet brokerage industry by providing customized travel services.

Despite there being a growing amount of jet brokerages in the country over the last decade, the majority of them offer rigid, one-size-fits-all services.

DashJet’s platform allows you to design a fixed-rate, guaranteed availability jet card based on your specific needs.

“Most jet brokerages are not necessarily sophisticated when it comes to a branding model. They are still expecting companies to flex towards their brand,” said Frank Maher, CEO of DashJet. “And for most people, that’s not how the world works anymore. Really, the way our commerce-based society works now is that people want the brand to start flexing towards them.”

Maher started at DashJet as a consultant earlier this year before becoming CEO of the company in November.

Since launching, DashJet is already closing in on one million dollars in revenue, Maher told Clay & Milk.

“Every single customer we’ve intersected so far, we’ve actually designed their DashJet Card program around them and their needs,” Maher said.

DashJet also offers “DashJet Direct,” a service that allows customers to have direct access to their own flight operation person.

“Ultimately, the goal is two-pronged, ” Maher said. “To establish DashJet as a major entity within the jet brokerage world. Secondly, there are other opportunities from a technology perspective that are significant in this industry. There are a lot of platforms being used that are not optimal. Making them more efficient is ultimately an output of what we’re doing internally to make DashJet efficient.”