eCBD Shop offers high quality CBD products online

A new website is offering vetted CBD products online by working with established CDB manufacturers.

Based in West Des Moines, eCBD Shop was launched in November by Kyle Steele of SEO Expert and Michael Dillon of Elemental Solutions with the goal of providing consumers with the best CBD products on the market.

“The goal is to not just be a source to buy CBD online but an educational resource as well as we continue to build out content,” Steele said.” The goal is to educate and put the best brands in consumers’ hands.”

Recent changes made in the 2018 Farm Bill gave the legislative nod needed to make CBD legal at the federal level.

“If you’re in Colorado, you’re likely pretty well aware of good CBD brands. But outside of that, most people don’t know a good vetted vendor verse someone who started doing making products overnight,” Steele said. “We only work with vendors who make sure that the extraction process is ethical, safe and produces a good end product.”

One of the early challenges for the site has been finding a way to promote their product without violating existing ad policies on social media platforms.

“The challenge for us, from a marketing standpoint is that Facebook, Google and Instagram have some policies against CBD, because traditionally it hasn’t been legal at a federal level,” Steele said. “With the recent changes in the Farm Bill, I expect that to start to become more relaxed.”

Steele says his goal is to eventually open up a physical location in Iowa where people can come and purchase CDB products.

“The evolution would be to open up retail shops and as cannabis, in general, becomes decriminalized, that positions us well to rotate into marijuana and being a midwest resource for that as well,” Steele said. “In four or five years, we want to be the trusted site and source for CBD.”

To learn more about eCBD shop, check out their YouTube page where Kyle Steele answers questions about what CBD is.