Greater Des Moines Partnership launches online hub for small businesses and startups

The Greater Des Moines Partnership recently revealed its top priorities for 2019. One of the five priorities listed was furthering their commitment to Des Moines’ small business and entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As part of that commitment, the Partnership has launched the Small Business Resources Hub, an online site for entrepreneurs looking to learn more about how to help their small business or startup. The new, online hub will have all of the Partnership’s small business and startup resources in one place.

“There was a common theme of a lot of these resources not being that accessible and us not having a great way to catalog them,” said Christina Moffatt, Director of Small Business Resources at the Greater Des Moines Partnership.”The hub brings a lot of these resources and information together for people to be able to easily find.”

Square One DSM branding will no longer exist and all its services and content can now be found on the Small Business Resource Hub, including the Raising Capital Seminar and the “Small Business and Startup Stories” podcast.

“Last year we did some research and came to the conclusion that there were a lot of resources that people weren’t taking advantage of, both on the small business side of things and the startup side of things. The hub kind of sprung out of that,” Moffatt said. “Doing that consisted of bringing all of these resources back under one roof as The Partnership and doing away with Square One branding so all of us have access to those same resources.”

The Partnership will continue to add more content and resources to the hub as events throughout the year.

“Anytime we do anything in house [The Partnership], there will a blog that goes along with that and the event will be recorded. All of that will then go back and get categorized on the hub,” Moffatt said. “So there’s constantly going to be new information added to the site.”

Partnership Mentor Connection

The Partnership also recently started “Partnership Mentor Connection,” a program where founders of small businesses and startups can connect with mentors throughout the Greater Des Moines area.

“People in business need different mentors for different things,” Moffatt said. “Making sure that they’re actually getting to the person that can really help them is key.”