Ames Seed Capital announces presenting companies for April event

Ames Seed Capital has announced the companies that will present at this year’s Annual Entrepreneur Showcase and Pitch Competition, which will take place April 23.

The Pitch Competition is tailored more toward early-stage companies that have participated strictly in other pitch competitions and prize money of at least $2,500 will be presented to the top pitch’s.

The Entrepreneur Showcase is for more established companies seeking significant investment. The showcase will give more developed companies the opportunity to present their businesses to investors from Iowa.

Here is a list of the presenting companies:

Pitch Competition

  • Aloha Corporation
  • Cardio Diagnostics
  • CocoRoo Natural Skin
  • Insulights
  • Kimle Aquaculture
  • Lunchsox
  • My Nest Egg Invest
  • NX GenCare
  • Ramdo Solutions, LLC
  • Stratafolio
  • True360
  • Vectr Bio

Entrepreneur Showcase

  • ClearFlame Engines
  • Etalyc
  • Pitchly
  • SwineTech, Inc.
  • SynderBio, Inc.
  • VetMeasure, Inc.
  • Viewpoint Molecular Targeting, LLC
  • Voxello
  • Whirrx

Between the main events, Ames Seed Capital will hold their Annual Meeting & Luncheon to recognize investors and review 2018 accomplishments.  The theme of this year’s event is “Universities/Communities/Entrepreneurs – Adding Value to Iowa” with keynote remarks from the Presidents of the Iowa Regent Universities.

The attendance fee for the Annual Meeting & Luncheon will be $40.00 per person or $400.00 for a table of ten. The Pitch Competition and Entrepreneur Showcase are open to all and free of charge.

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