SwineTech wins first place at Digital Animal Summit 2019

Last week, Matthew Rooda, CEO and founder of SwineTech, spoke and participated at the 2019 Digital Animal Summit.

The Digital Animal Summit is an annual conference that bring together innovators, investors, executives, and entrepreneurs from animal care, animal production, and animal health industries to explore digital trends and practices in animal health and management.

During the event, Rooda participated in a startup pitch competition along with four other startups and won first place.

In addition to participating in the pitch competition, Rooda also spoke on a panel titled, “The Digital Transformation of Animal Production.”

“The Digital Animal Summit is a great event for entrepreneurs and investors to learn more about how technology in animal production,” Rooda told Clay & Milk. “SwineTech is one of the very first startups within agtech and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to share our experiences within the pork industry.”

Founded in 2015, SwineTech uses artificial intelligence and sensor-based technologies to save pig’s lives. Last October, SwineTech raised $1.5 million to allow them to begin to expand their product into other states and countries.

Here are the five startups the participated in the pitch competition:

Accessible Diagnostics
Accessible Diagnostics is developing a novel, smartphone based, saliva glucose test system that is easy for pet owners to monitor their diabetic pets at home.

Cowlar, a fitbit for dairy cows, provides data as a service to help dairy producers optimize operations and improve herd health.

Pawprint is digitalizing pet medical records to increase the quality, convenience, and accuracy of pet care for owners.

Petronics makes MOUSR, a robot mouse toy designed to let indoor cats hunt the way they were meant to.

SwineTech uses artificial intelligence and sensor-based technologies to save pig’s lives.

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