ETALYC is using technology to improve traffic flow, was accepted into Arcadis accelerator

A new Ames-based company, ETALYC, is looking to use new technologies to improve traffic operations.

“We wanted to do something where ETALYC can provide mobility to improve quality of life overall,” said Anuj Sharma, CEO of ETALYC. “So to start we started looking into different areas that would have the most immediate effect.”

One of the first ways in which ETALYC will look to offer traffic improvements is by providing adaptive traffic signals.

“Traffic stoplights solutions are really a pinpoint of ours because they have such a high cost-to-benefit ratio,” Sharma said. “The question is can we make it adaptive and scalable so that as demand changes the traffic light automatically changes.”

ETALYC’s software takes in and processes a variety of data streams and then provides feedback with suggestions on which signals should be retimed.

“If traffic lights are made demand-responsive, you can cut travel time from anywhere from twenty to forty percent,” Sharma told Clay & Milk.

ETALYC was recently accepted into the in the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator. The three-month accelerator, powered by Techstars, kicked off in early March, accepting 10 startups into the program.

“The experience has been really useful,” Sharma said. “Over the last three weeks, we’ve met with close to 90 mentors who’ve come in and provided us with feedback in terms of how good our product-market fit is, how we should approach our pricing model and what our financial model should look like.”